Summer in New Jersey, there's nothing like it. Whether the Garden State is your place for vacations, staycations, or just the occasional trip to the theme parks or beach, nothing really beats the summer season.

As the warmer months roll along, you might be trying to think of something different to do. Our state may be small, but there's so much here packed within our borders.

Here's an idea if you like being on the open water. Scattered along a handful of New Jersey's waterways are specialty ferry rides and cruises just waiting for you to board them. One of which is located along the northern portion of Monmouth County.

With ports located in Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, and Sandy Hook, Seastreak Ferry offers a handful of specialty cruises. And yes, they even celebrate holidays such as the Fourth of July with a fireworks cruise.

Fireworks (Getty Stock/ThinkStock)

One of my favorite cruises is their sunset cocktail cruise from their Highlands port to lower Manhattan. The views are absolutely amazing, and it was perfect to bring the entire family.

Here's a look at one of their sunset cocktail cruises back in 2021. Trust me, these photos don't do it justice.

Amazing views of Lady Liberty & NYC at dusk by ferry

An incredible look at New York City and The Statue of Liberty from sunset to dusk as seen from aboard the Seastreak Ferry Sunset Cruise.

For as incredible as that cruise was, that's not the only thing they offer. Whale watching is another one of the many specialty cruises offered in the Garden State.

The tail of the humpback whale.

Of course, Seastreak's not the only ferry service in and around the Garden State that offers specialty cruises. If you live near one of New Jersey's major waterways, odds are there's some sort of service not too far from you. But even if you don't live near a waterway, these kinds of cruises are definitely worth the trip.

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