Some things are just too stupid not to share. A federal judge in Camden is overseeing an absurd court case, and he's allowing it to go forward. Rasta Imposta is a company in Runnemede, N.J. which manufactures Halloween costumes. They are suing a former distributor claiming that company was stealing their banana design.

Kangaroo Manufacturing Inc. of Arizona says, "There is nothing original about making a banana yellow or the, as this is exactly how a ripe banana appears in nature."

U.S. District judge Noel Hillman disagreed, pointing out the "soft, smooth, almost shiny look and feel" and the "golden yellow and uniform color that appears distinct from the more muted and inconsistent tones of a natural banana."

People, it's a freaking banana. Come on. This belongs in court? Bananas look alike. They are long and yellow with little black spots at the end. Case closed.

Nope, case not closed. The judge went on and on in a 35 page ruling, saying bananas can "appear ripe, overripe, or unripe, ranging in color from yellow, to brown, to green. The shape can be long or more stout, relatively elongated or thin or more plump. The banana may be whole or partially peeled."

Just when you thought the world couldn't get any more stupid.

See the Rasta Impasta costume here. See the Kangaroo Manufacturing costume here.

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