Ajinka "AJ" Kelkar (South Brunswick Police)

A South Brunswick man who thought he was damaging a vehicle belonging to a former friend — make that a very former friend — did $10,000 worth of damage to five other vehicles instead early Sunday morning, police said.

According to police, Ajinka "AJ" Kelkar had been trying to take revenge on a former friend who was dating his ex-girlfriend — but never managed to damage that person's car.


South Brunswick Police said Ajinka "AJ" Kelkar slashed the tires of a Ford pickup truck and two other vehicles parked in a driveway on Friendship Drive around 1:15 a.m. Kelkar also scratched obscenities into the door of a Jeep Wrangler and stabbed its roof with a knife, according to police. Kelkar also allegedly damaged Dodge and Chevrolet pickups belonging to friends of the Friendship Driver resident who were staying overnight.

Members of the family awoke to the sound of air hissing from tires and saw Kelkar vandalizing the vehicles, authorities said. They turned over surveillance video to police, who recognized Kelkar. Police went to his home and found he was not home but took him into custody when he returned home at 6:30 a.m. along with his rented pickup, police said.

Kelkar was charged with trespassing and third-degree criminal mischief along with being an unlicensed driver. He was released after posting $10,000 bail.

Police did not say why he damaged multiple vehicles.

Kelkar faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

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