Nick Vallelonga wrote a play about a story he's heard most of his life. It's the story of his father Tony driving concert pianist Dr. Don Shirley through the deep south in the 1960. To get it right he also spoke to Shirley who gave him conditions for writing the Oscar winning story that also won best picture "Green Book." His brother Frankie came back on the show to talk about it all.

"I just have one condition [about telling the story]," Shirley said according to Vallelonga. "Don't release this story until I pass away."  Despite following Shirley's rules, his family questions it's accuracy to which Vallelonga says, "Everything said in that movie came from him [Dr. Shirley] and my father. My brother has it on tape."

Vigo Mortensen played Tony Lipp in "Green Book" and Vallelonga talked about how much he reminded him of his father. "Vigo should've won best actor as far as I'm concerned," Vallelonga said. "Vigo never came out of character. He was my father off the set, on the set and you know hearing his voice and the way he smoked and the way he looked, it was surreal. It was really something else."

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