While talking about the Kate Smith situation and how she's being railroaded without any proof that she was in fact a racist, I wanted to have some Philadelphia sports people on, but it's hard because they all either work or have a connection to the team. Enter Josh Innes who did afternoon drive on WIP from 2014-2016 and has dealt with his own allegations of racism. Josh was a Flyers season ticket holder while he was in town. He's also not afraid to take on a tough topic.

How does he feel about what's going on?

"To answer your initial question, you said, 'do we know if Kate Smith was racist?' I don't know," Josh said.  "But I can tell you my guess is no, if all we have to base it on is a satirical song from the 1930's and some dopey song from a movie. If that's all we have to go on, I'd like to know how you can just say, 'hey this person is racist.' How do we determine that from that era...time and place matters, era matters."

Could he see the Smith family suing the Yankees and Flyers over this?

"I don't know if they want to go through that or what they could win from that."

Does it affect him as a fan of the Flyers?

"As a fan, I'm not going to stop going to games, I'm not gunna go that far...there's a lot of positive history there," Josh said.

Check out Josh's podcast at JoshInnesShow.com 

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