There's something happening here, what it is, is EXACTLY clear, there's a man with a guitar over there telling me I've got to beware

Neil Young, Joni Mitchel, Nils Lofgren, and others have pulled their music from Spotify because of what they feel is misinformation regarding COVID being spread on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.

Rogan, who receives over $100 million dollars from the music service to air his "experience" says in a video released that he likes to examine all sides of an issue. In that quest, he spoke with Dr. Peter McCullough who's a cardiologist and according to Rogan, "the most published physician in his field in history".

Rogan also spoke with Dr. Robert Malone who Rogan says, "owns 9 patents on the creation of mRNA vaccine technology and is at least partially responsible for the creation of the technology that led to the creation of mRNA vaccines"

These are the conversations that rocked the rock world. Where once upon a time they questioned government and authority, now they get upset when others like Rogan do. They have become what they have once rebelled against.

This is not about the validity of the information of COVID or the vaccines because the facts change daily depending on what they want you to believe and act on at that time. This is about the freedom of speech and choices of information that the mainstream media should be made available to all of us.

Joe Rogan answers to no one but his audience and it's the biggest audience in podcasting. His rating shows that the people want to hear what he has to say and whoever he brings on. They can then decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. That's the way it should be.

As for Neil Young, he can "Keep on Rocking in the Free World" because as he says "60 percent of his streaming services" came from Spotify.

I applaud Joe Rogan who continues to explore and question what's happening in his podcast. It's not an easy thing to do in today's cancel culture. Neil Young once sang

"Young people speaking their minds. Getting so much resistance from behind"

Whoever thought that resistance would be coming from Young.

"It's time we stop, hey what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down!"

Here is what my listeners had to say on social media:

Richard Fuscia

These old liberals who used to hate everything the government stood for now follow every government rule without question! Funny if you think about it.


Martin Stephens

I think it’s great and the right thing to do!


Brian Andrioli

Never heard of him but they should not take stuff down on Spotify for stuff like that keep it there let people like his stuff.


Larry Berthold

People need to be intelligent enough to consider the source...on either side of the equation.

Joe Guglich

The memes about this are hilarious!


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question

Scott Soffen

I love a good boycott.


Bob Charger

Steve..In reality, both NEIL and JOANIE haven't been relevant since the late 1970s on the music charts. They should be happy that they are getting exposure in the many under 30 don't know who they are. Also, they're from Canada. Not the USA.


Irv Slifkin

Think it’s great he took a stand.


Joe Nappi

Gotta wonder if Neil Young's demographic actually knows what Spotify is? Pretty sure that they listen to or cassettes.


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question

Scott Alexander Johnson

Considering Rogan’s material is no more inaccurate than mainstream news, no one has any rational argument on that front. Now... since Rogan gets paid $20 million/year from Spotify and musicians get royally screwed, that’s a valid argument all day long.


Carl Bradley

Artists USED to defend humanity against totalitarianism through art. Now the old senile ones are trying to pressure us INTO tyranny by withholding art. IDIOTS, all.


Chris Eppolito

Just like in the case of Neil Young, it's very likely those I don't listen to anyway. Ciao bella!


Michael Warren

The problem I have is Joe Rogan's podcast was very successful before he moved to Spotify. Joe had many people on his show from Alex Jones to Elon Musk and today's comedians like the legion of skanks. If Spotify kicks him off do Neil Young and Joni Mitchell think he will just go away? Having rock stars calling for someone to be silenced is just disgusting.


Michael Wilt

Doesn't matter to me one way or the other. There are plenty of other artists to listen to.


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question


Michael Lionel Rodia

Fools, canceling themselves. Keep in Rockin in a FREE world….bhahahahaha


Keith Mortensen

Who cares. It basically boils down to one millionaire being mad at another millionaire. It has no real effect on the average person.


Allan Emenheiser

They are all irrelevant


Andy Rehorn

It appears the lack of critical thinking has taken hold in our society. Anybody who would listen to medical advice from Joe Rogan OR any Hollywooder is insane.
I read this comment about a song written in the 1960's .... "Hi all when this song was written people focused on doing right and today people are focused on being right. In summary the future has a difficult time competing with the past."
In my opinion this is VERY true...nobody is ever wrong anymore.


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question


Christopher T Nickey

It's their choice just as it's Joe Rogan's to state his views it's a free country.


James Rabic

I think Neil is a smart business man. He hates the sound quality at Spotify and is a huge audiophile, he had a perfect target in Joe Rogan who’s incredibly popular, and now he can concentrate on his SiriusXM channel with tons of free publicity. The rest of the artists are just virtue signaling and or really believe in some solidarity. ‍


Mike Matisa

Stick to making music and don’t let something like this overshadow your legacy with the little time you may have left in your career. Same with being an athlete and letting your outside interests start to become the one thing you are most known for. Why rob yourself of all of your hard work and accomplishments leading up to it? It’s bad business an a personal injustice.


Jersey Steve Tortu

Joe Rogan is a no-talent hack that spreads lies for ratings


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question

Greg Vince

If you don't want to do business with a company who's number one star pushes views that are not only against yours but dangerous, why should you? I am all for Rogan's right to his podcast and Spotify's right to pay him. It's clearly good for business. But artists and consumers by no means have to play ball.


Ed Kocher

What I love is the idea that the Constitution protects everyone's right to spread lies. If you think that's true, walk into a court of law, put your hand on the Bible and start riffing. See what happens to you. I think Neil Young just didn't want to be associated with BS. The difference between Neil Young and Joe Rogan is that there really were four dead in Ohio.


Gloria Manchester

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell managed to get their names out there again … Bravo!! I knew they weren’t dead! Keep on rocking in the FREE world … you do you!!


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question


John J Ruppert

It's their music and they'll pull it if they want to.


Robert Michelin

There are several more artists we can listen to. Joni and Neil are entitled to do what they want. And Spotify can do what they want. Not a big deal.


Steven Keller

Fine. Spotify Rips off artists in both Monetary Compensation and Quality. Neil has a dopey stance but ... To each his own.


David Fiorenza

Fine by me. More streams my music! Since this started last week or so I have been checking my daily streams on Spotify & I am averaging about 400 more plays a day for Fiorenza-Dowlin and David Fiorenza #duo #solo. I am fine with the amount paid by #spotify and other platforms. If a musician works a few hours a month to promote your songs online, you can do pretty good. it is #Youtube that pays very little.


Michael G Davis

I'm tired of all the whining on both sides.


Replies on Steve's Facebook Question
Replies on Steve's Facebook Question


Francie Trout

There are better music sources out there which are much better than Spotify. I never liked Spotify. Tried it a few times and didn’t like it. I prefer my own programming and Apple.


Bill Bittner

Who cares if they pull their music. That's their right, no one asked them to pull it down.


Cliff Sheldon

Amazing how Neil Young was all about questioning the government in his glory days. Now he wants to silence those who want to do the same thing? He's just chasing $ trying to become relevant again. And considering how poorly spotify pays artists for their music, hes not really sacrificing anything by pulling out from spotify.


Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey

Seems like a bunch of has-beens trying to get their names back in the mainstream! Who cares what Neil Young, Joni Mitchell or any of the Royal DimWits have to say!


Thomas Evans

NOTHING should be censored. The First Amendment exists mostly to protect distasteful speech. Listening to Joe Rogan or Ilhan Omar does not require anyone to agree with them. Why is anyone afraid of free speech!? I just don’t get it..


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