JACKSON — Are you in the Halloween spirit, but just need that extra push to get you ready for the holiday? Six Flags Great Adventure kicked off an event that might do just the ticket, and you can watch the whole thing as it happens.

Kristin Fitzgerald/Six Flags Great Adventure

A total of eight people got into their coffins on Sunday afternoon as part of the park's 30-hour Coffin Challenge. The challenge started at 1 p.m. on Sunday with a "Laying to Rest" ceremony, and will end by 7 p.m. on Monday night with a "Raising from the Dead" ceremony.

Kristin Fitzgerald/Six Flags Great Adventure

New Jersey has two representatives among the competitors including Howell resident Leticia Gomez. When she's not spending 30 hours in a coffin, Gomez works as a funeral director, according to the park.

"Will her embalming skills help keep her composed during the challenge?" a statement from the park asks.

One of the two media personalities taking part in the competition is Nicole Murray from 94.3 The Point.

Kristin Fitzgerald/Six Flags Great Adventure

While the contestants will spend most of the next day in their coffins, they will be given a six-minute break every hour to stretch their legs. All meals must be eaten in the coffin, and anyone who gets out of their coffin outside of their allotted breaks will be disqualified.

The coffins do have lids, but the faces of the contestants will not be covered, allowing people at the park to walk by and take pictures with the brave souls.

The winner gets $300 in cash, two Gold Season Passes for next year, two basic dining season passes and two Fright Fest passes for the Haunted House. They also get to keep their coffin.

Kristin Fitzgerald/Six Flags Great Adventure

If 7 p.m. on Monday night rolls around and there is still more than one contestant in their coffin a drawing will be held to determine who gets the grand prize. All the remaining contestants will get a Gold Season Pass and two Fright Fest passes for the haunted houses.

All the fun is streaming on YouTube from the time the contestants got in until the last one gets out.


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