We've all experienced a family member or friend who needed help to survive a health issue. Recently, Florham Park Police Officer and PBA delegate for PBA Local 78, Charlie Greenstein, was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.

Charlie has been serving our community since 2006 and has been a member of the Police Unity Tour Motor Unit since 2011.

His health journey started with a diagnosis of gout which puzzled doctors because of his young age. Ten years ago, the diagnosis of kidney disease answered a lot of questions. In November, at the age of 41, it was clear Charlie needed a new kidney. Within a few weeks, the donation link was overwhelmed with offers and information and had to be disabled.

We are happy to report that Charlie is now out of surgery and on the mend. Happy to be able to welcome Florham Park Mayor Mark Taylor to the show to show his support of the Florham Park PD and Charlie and his wife Gina who are breathing a sigh of relief today.

We've had experience with kidney donors and friends and colleagues over the past few years. Our own NJ Traffic North Bob Williams was thankful to receive a kidney in 2019 from donor Kim Roumes.

Later that year we all pitched in to help our friend Tom Nardini get a kidney. He's the uncle of Jillian Messina who serves as the PIO for the Toms River PD.

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