As we've discussed, Bob Williams needed a kidney and found what he calls an "angel". A casual acquaintance in his hometown who now holds the distinction of saving Bob's life.

Kim Roumes joined us on Tuesday to let listeners know how easy it was for her to donate. The limited impact on her own life and the incredible feeling of saving a life.

Today's conversation was timed on purpose for my friend, Tom Nardini. He's the uncle of Jillian Messina who works with the Toms River Police Department. Tom received a kidney transplant years ago from an older donor. Now that kidney is failing and he is in need of replacing it.

Tom is #DigginIn with us and I am more than happy to help him. Have you thought about being an organ donor? Many have it indicated on their Drivers License, but what about becoming a living donor?

Here's the number to call if you're able to take the test and see if you're a match for Tom: (212) 746-3922

Also, Bob and Kim will be walking in the NJ Sharing Network 5K under Team Kim-Bob on Sunday, June 2nd. For more information, click HERE.

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