If you drive the highways of New Jersey, you should know that you keep right, except to pass. It's the law. Driving every day on I-295 you'll see people routinely hang out in the left lane at any speed, even though there may be a line of cars wanting to pass behind them. They're either staying there out of spite, "I'm going fast enough, there's no need to go faster than me," or they're just unaware that cars are piling up behind them wanting to pass.

Monday morning I observed a state trooper riding closely behind a Buick with Pennsylvania plates for at least a mile, until the trooper had enough and pulled him over. For some unknown reason PA drivers seem to be frequent violators of the keep right rule, maybe they don't have that rule in their state. Maybe they feel safer in the left lane. I don't know that answer to that puzzle. If you don't get out of the way of regular drivers, you're stupid. If you don't get out of the way of a state trooper, you're in trouble. Watch how stupid this driver is.

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