I didn't realize this until one of the regular callers into my radio show, "Hugh from Ambler" who's a baker enlightened me, but there is a connection between Fat Tuesday and donuts. Fat Tuesday is all about the deep fried and the donut tops the list. Emily Hilliard from NPR's "Kitchen Window" tells us,

"Among the first foods to be deep-fried were Roman scriblita, a precursor to today's doughnuts and fritters. Originating in the medieval era, most Christian European traditions have developed a version of fried dough for Shrove Tuesday (another name for the day before Lent starts). The rich treats presented a way to use up all of the butter, sugar and fat in the house prior to the self-denying diets of Lent. Traditionally it was an opportunity for indulgence, a day when, once a year, communities would go through the labor-intensive and expensive process of deep-frying in order to partake in a luxurious treat."

With that in mind, I asked my social media followers where the best donut places are in New Jersey. Here's what you came up with. Enjoy your feast for tomorrow it's "Ash Wednesday."

Brett Holcomb - "L&M in Delran"

Maybe Last - "Broad Street Dough Co in Oakhurst"

John Norton - "J&B in Burlington"

Maryjo Hamrick - "Eet Gud Bakery in Hamilton"

Stephen Siegel - "McMillan’s bakery Westmont if it’s still there, Terrignos, or Century, both in Bridgeton"

Jeff Faistl - "Duck donuts in Middletown"

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