Another Facebook LIVE with our listeners and an open opportunity to have a frank conversation about fixing New Jersey. Of course, this is Jersey and when you say "anything' never know what you're gonna get.

Everything from Law Enforcement failing at the AG's office, to whether I'm ever going to run for Governor, to a possible controversy over the hat I chose not to wear today.

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We of course talked a little about the President's visit and it was great to hear so many people making the trip to Wildwood to see the President and be among folks who won't attack you for supporting the Commander-in-Chief.

One story from the morning that stood out before we started on Facebook Live and were taking calls from rally attendees was Evan from Hawaii, a Jersey native who took the red eye, met up with some friends at Newark airport at 6am and drove to the convention center. These guys don't look like they are tired at all. At least they were listening to the best station in our area for the trip!

Check out live updates from the Trump rally HERE.

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