In another feeble yet populist attempt to appear to care about the high cost of living in you own home in this state, some geniuses in the legislature are proposing subsidizing "tiny houses". They claim no state funds would be used, but a federal grant would pick up the tab. Like we don't pay federal taxes. Like we wouldn't resent the shit out of other states using federal money to subsidize their projects.

I live in a small house, but you know what isn't small about it? You guessed right, the PROPERTY TAXES! Sure, the tax will be less than a four bedroom colonial with a two car garage, but they will still tax the crap out of them, mostly to fund the education machine run by the most powerful union in the country, the NJEA.

So until you solve the problem of everyone who owns a property in this state from paying the exorbitant cost of education in this state, the nightmare will persist. But they're too cowardly to even attempt that in any serious way. They're clever in their deception and avoidance. They cloak the scheme in compassion for the poor, the homeless and the disenfranchised.

We'll see if this three year pilot program will take off before the hoards of "disenfranchised" taxpayers who are taking off to other states to escape the persistent madness of the fools in Trenton. I like the TV shows about tiny houses. I like my tiny house. I just don't like the mob that makes me pay a huge sum, just for the pleasure of living in it!

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