On a recent trip to a national chain pet store with my granddaughter, I saw plenty of gay-pride toys and costumes for dogs and cats. I was very deeply disturbed. Not because I'm against Pride Month or anyone dressing their dog up in a rainbow costume. No, not at all, go for it.

Dress your dog or cat in whatever you think is appropriate and festive. I do wonder if the pets appreciate what you're into, whether that's a Santa costume, lion get-up or whatever else you think is cute on your pet and gets your point across.

The problem I had with the display shown here is that my granddaughter is absolutely obsessed with unicorns and RAINBOWS! Try explaining to a three-year-old that loves her golden lab that he doesn't need a rainbow costume on a 93-degree day, or any day for that matter. I won't spend $20 on a costume for myself let alone a large older dog who puts up with enough of her shenanigans with him.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

She couldn't wait to take her new play tea set home to play "tea time" with him on Sunday. The poor pooch has enough to deal with.

It's real progress to see major retailers embracing Pride Month, even if its just to make a few extra bucks. I just wish my granddaughter was more into fishing tackle logos than rainbows, at least this month. It's bass season after all. Now that's twenty bucks well spent as far as "pop" is concerned.

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