A distressed teenage girl found herself on the edge of the Broadway Bridge between Elmwood Park and Paterson.

She was on the wrong side of the 8-foot fence, which is designed to prevent people from climbing over.

Thankfully someone alerted law enforcement to the situation and Elmwood Park Police Detective Nick Dimovski responded. He found the 15-year-old kid clinging to the chain link fence with her fingertips coming through.

He immediately put his fingers through the fence to hold only her hands and talk to her to de-escalate the high emotion.

While Police Chief Michael Foligno and Firefighters Andrew Mingione, Lucas Zarate, and Eddie Jiminez were figuring out how to get her out of the precarious situation, she lost her footing. Literally hanging on for life by her fingertips aided by Detective Dimovski's fingertip grip.

While they held on and talked, the firefighters were able to lower rescuers behind the fence and get her to safety.

Imagine saving a life with a fingertip. Just another example of the harrowing experiences that cops go through in the course of an otherwise normal day.

Hopefully, this young girl will get the mental help she needs to get her life on track.

Thanks to Detective Nick Dimovski, she'll at least have that chance.

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