Giants quarterback Eli Manning could be suspended over allegations that he misled memorabilia buyers, whether he actually did it or not. You see the NFL conducts their own investigation and if they find a violation of their personal conduct policy which states:

"Even if your conduct does not result in a criminal conviction, if the league finds that you have engaged in any of the following conduct, you will be subject to discipline.”

What they have on Eli is an e-mail he sent in 2010 to equipment manager, Joe Skiba, asking for "two helmets that can pass as game used."

As if that couldn't be incriminating enough, The New York Daily News has Exhibit 18 from the court case is an e-mail exchange provided by plaintiff Eric Inselberg from August 2008 in which Inselberg writes to Skiba: “Hey Joe, my buddy was offered an Eli game used helmet and jersey. Are these the bs ones Eli asked you to make up because he didn’t want to give up the real stuff?”

Skiba’s reply is listed as: “BS ones, you are correct…”

Here's why Eli couldn't possibly be a Jersey guy. A Jersey Guy wouldn't be so dumb as to incriminate himself in an e-mail. On top of that, a Jersey guy wouldn't bring his equipment manager into it by putting him on the spot. Skiba a stand up guy, told the truth. Also a Jersey guy wouldn't "pass off" anything.

Here's another reason why a Jersey guy wouldn't screw over the fans of his team, which could be Super Bowl bound, by getting caught up in a scandal as stupid as this one.

Is Eli Manning not making enough money between the NFL, Direct TV, Toyota, Dunkin Donuts, and all his other endorsements that he has to sell memorabilia? If you are going to sell memorabilia how could you accept thousands of dollars for stuff you know is false?

Nothing's been proven yet and the Giants are saying Eli's email was taken out of context. But then I've gotta go with Governor Christie's response which is "put it in context and release the other things where Eli's like just joking."

For Giants and their fans like myself, it's going to be no joke if this whole thing costs us a chance at the playoffs. I can hear it now "all the hopes and dreams of an entire season rest on Geno Smith."  Excuse me, I'm not feeling very well!

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