Eli Manning is my son Albert's role model. Albert is always wearing one his many No. 10 jerseys, except for the framed one that hangs in his room, which is a shrine to all things Eli.

Albert plays quarterback on his flag football team because of Eli, and when we watch the games together we always cheer him on.

There are those who say that kids' role models should be their fathers. Our relationship goes far beyond that. Some will say that we shouldn't make athletes role models. I look at a role model as someone whose values you can learn and grow from, and from that aspect you can do no better than Eli Manning.

Eli Manning is a class act all the way. From his cool, honest demeanor to his work ethic, to the way he treats people. No matter what happened during his career with the Giants, you never heard him complain about the organization or throw a teammate under the bus. There were many times he could have, but never did. That's just not his style.

These are the values I try to instill in both my sons. The fact that Albert likes Eli makes it so much easier that he grew up with a living example on his favorite football team. He's been lucky, as we all have, that his entire life he got to watch Eli Manning play quarterback for the Giants. Now at 13, when a boy's life changes in so many ways and as Eli retires, I hope he the next athlete role model he chooses, should he choose another one, will be half as good.

I remember being upset in 1994 when the Giants cut Phil Simms. For me, it was like seeing my youth go away. Eli Manning quarterbacked the Giants for 16 years. It goes by so fast. Hopefully, Daniel Jones and take us on another long journey.

Now the argument will be whether Eli Manning should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Of course he should, but no matter what happens, Manning will always be a Hall Of Famer in the Trevelise house, with his now-retired No. 10 hanging in my son Albert's room.

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