ROXBURY — A 78-year-old woman paid a man more than $30,000 for roof work police say she didn't need, and that was never actually done.

According to police the woman was first approached by the man, identified as Sonny L. Stanley, 42, of Guttenberg, who said she had issues with her roof, and that it needed a new sealant to prevent leaks. Police say Stanley told the woman the repairs would cost $20,000 and that he would wait for the money. The woman, police say, went to the bank and came back with $11,000.

The next day police say Stanley returned to the home and told her to go back to the bank for additional $9,000, which she did. He gave the woman a list of all the things he claimed to have done, and told her the other side of her roof would need to be fixed for an additional $30,000.

According to police, the woman said she was "intimidated" by Stanley, which is why she felt the need to pay him. One week later he came back to the house and demanded an additional $11,500. She gave him the money, at which point police say he told her he would would be back for the remaining balance.

The woman told police she did not want to pay Stanley any more money since he had not done any work on the roof to that point. She was told to call 911 if he returned, and also to keep her door locked and to "stall" Stanley if he returned.

On the morning of Oct. 13, police say they were called on a reported fraud where they found a man believed to be Stanley at the victim's door. Upon seeing officers arriving police say he attempted to flee on foot before being apprehended after a brief chase.

Stanley was charged with obstruction of the administration of law, resisting arrest with risk to another, and theft by deception. He was taken to the Morris County Correctional facility.

According to Brick Patch, in 2014 Stanley, then 38 and living in Bernardsville, was one of two men arrested for a burglary that was caught on video. Two years ago reported Stanley was one of 12 people arrested as part of an organized effort to scam elderly victims. According to the report the men in the group would target elderly victims by distracting them during burglaries and thefts.

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