New Jersey's Dram Shop law says anyone injured by a drunk driver can seek damages from a vendor who served the alcohol if the intoxicated person was visibly drunk. Yes, even the drunk person themselves.

It's happened again. This time a guy from Carlstadt named Antonio Salomon-Merino rode his motorcycle to Oh! Calamares in Kearney, had several drinks, then went to Hector's Sports Bar in Clifton where he kept drinking a few more. He crashed his Suzuki motorcycle on Outwater Lane in Lodi about quarter after 3 in the morning, suffering a severe leg injury. Police initially charged him with drinking and driving, but dropped the charges after his BAC tested at less than 0.08. His attorney says that's only because there was a five hour delay in giving a blood or breath test.

In a move you don't hear very often, his lawyer says he was definitely drunk at the time of the accident. Why? Because he's suing both bars that served him and of course they need him to be legally drunk in order to win lots of money. The lawsuit says servers at both places "knew or should have known that he was visibly intoxicated" and that "he could or would cause bodily injury to himself or others."

I'm sick of the lawsuits. Why do we have a set legal drinking age? Isn't a major part of it so that one can be held responsible for the choices they make after that age? Not anymore it seems. No one is responsible for their own actions. I don't even think innocent victims should be able to sue bars unless bartenders are literally forcing drinks down somebody's throat. But when you have the drunks themselves suing the bars? Pathetic.

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