CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At least sixteen vehicles were damaged by metal beams that fell off a truck on Route 78.

State Police spokesman Sgt. First Class Jeff Flynn said five or six beams fell into the center and left eastbound lanes near Exit 18 for Route 22 in Clinton around 5:20 a.m. Flynn said one car broke it's axle when it struck a beam while the other vehicles had at least one flat tire.

Additional drivers reported damage to their car after the initial incident.

Flynn said the truck did not stop and police do not have a description of the truck.

Anyone with information about the truck or the driver should call the State Police Perryville Station at 908-730-7042.

The incident caused a multi-mile delay on Route 78 as troopers, drivers and service crews changed their tires. Route 22 picked up extra volume.

All the lanes were reopened by 7:30 a.m.

Was your vehicle damaged by the metal beams? Do you have pictures to share? Contact reporter Dan Alexander at

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