TRENTON — Remember the ice-bucket challenge?

A "drive-by dunk" video responsible for $800 worth of damage to a car hasn't quite gone viral yet in New Jersey. But hold onto your basketball shorts.

The "Drive By Dunk Challenge" involves pulling up to a driveway basketball hoop, running up to it and trying to take a shot. Of course, it's all caught on video and posted online.

Some players have used a trampoline or a ladder to make their shot. Other videos show players interrupting a random game to take their shot and then quickly running back to their car.

It's getting attention after a Manalapan man told CBS New York that his car sustained damage by someone who he said knocked over and shattered his basketball net.

"I just heard of this about 30 minutes ago," Marlboro Police spokesman Fred Wrec said Thursday. "We have not had anything like this in Marlboro yet. Hoping to keep it that way."

"Wow. No, we do not have any reports about that but I will be moving my basketball hoop as soon as I get home ," Lakewood Police spokesman Gregory Staffordsmith said.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the challenge was started on Instagram by Tyler Currie who inspired police, NBA players and others to try it.

No charity has embraced the Drive-By Dunk Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people dumped buckets of ice water over themselves, involved making donations to support awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

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