There is nothing I could write or put on video that would do Princeton justice.

It's a place high on the list to take out of town tourists, including any family I have over from Europe. It's the kind of town that would have just about anyone from any walk of life in awe of it's charm and beauty.

Princeton is truly the gem of gems of small town in New Jersey. From a walk through the university campus to a bike ride through the beautiful neighborhoods to a stroll around Palmer Square onto Nassau Street, you can't go wrong.

Princeton has been settled since before the nation was formed and of course played a vital part in the beginnings of our country. The Governor's mansion, Drumthwacket is on Rt. 206 just before you get to downtown, although most recent governors have chosen not to live there.

There's just so much to take in and enjoy. Take at least a half day and get to know Princeton. It's guaranteed to be a trip you won't soon forget.

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