It had to happen eventually.

"This is a rare moment for me observing the political scene as we did on the air for, what, 26 years," Jim Gearhart tells Bob Williams the latest installment of the weekly Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google Play. "I'm not sure I ever was able to say this before, but the Legislature is doing something I think is very good."

With his new pup Manford by his side, sitting on the New Jersey 101.5 studio floor, Jim heaped unexpected praise on New Jersey politicians. Legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, D-Union,, would give attorneys and law students the ability to advocate in court for animals who authorities say have suffered abuse. Essentially -- animals would get their own lawyers.

"This is a program to make sure that animals that are abused have justice," Quijano recently told New Jersey 101.5.

But one thing makes Jim suspicious:

"I don't see how anybody is going to make a profit on this. The rule is in New Jersey that there is little legislation that does not create financial opportunity for somebody."

That's just part of what Jim and Bob Williams take on in the latest installment of his podcast. Check out the full episode to hear the rest. And email Jim at

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