Every year, I go with at least one of my kids and get a real tree for the house. We've always gotten a real tree since the kids were little.

My parents used to get a real tree until we moved to New Jersey back in the 70's. When we lived in Philly I still remember picking out the tree with my brother and dad at the same parking lot every year. Once we moved to the 'burbs' my parents went for the fake tree.

One year I cut one down and dragged it home in the snow and my dad grudgingly put it up. I didn't tell him we got chased by the farmer and a gunshot or two was heard as we ran through the field. Not sure if it was a hunter or the farmer, but it made for a good story for a few years. Also made me content with the artificial my dad got on sale.

We go to the same place every year now for the past few and pick out our tree. It's Johnson's Corner Farm in Medford. Great place, great people and real good Christmas trees at a reasonable price. If you put up a Christmas tree, which do you prefer?

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