Joy Behar stirred up controversy on "The View" when she joked about Jesus talking to Vice President Mike Pence, a devout Christian.

As one who also believes, I wondered how many other people hear from Jesus. I know I do. That's what keeps me and my family believing. It's not like the voices Kevin Costner heard in "Field Of Dreams," but more like a revelation. But that's me. It's more metaphorical.

When I posted that simple question on both my Twitter and Facebook, I was met with answers ranging from funny to people really being upset that I would ask such a question. As for the funny, I believe Jesus has a sense of humor, at least he does when I hear from him. After all he was a man.

As for those who are upset, why? It's just a simple question that seems to be putting fear into some people. Some are really misinterpreting and taking it places I never intended to go or even thought about. Then again, Jesus has been dealing with that forever.

Perhaps if more people were hearing from Jesus or admitted hearing from Jesus, others wouldn't be so uptight about anyone asking. Actually, I can't think of a better time to be hearing from Jesus.

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