For everyone who has engaged in the Central Jersey argument, stared into the abyss that is the Central Jersey mystery, here's an answer. Maybe.

Timothy Simmons is a guy from Mercer County, and he's heard this debate for years. Some say there's only North Jersey and South Jersey. Others say there's not only a Central Jersey but it has its own unique culture. Timothy made a video to try to put this battle to rest once and for all.

First off, I'd like to thank him for putting Union County where I grew up squarely in the North Jersey territory. If you know anything about Union County, East Jersey State Prison in Rahway, the oil tanks and factories surrounding the Route 1&9 corridor, the close proximity of houses, the smaller yards, the cramped businesses, the accent, the attitude, then you know Union County belongs in North Jersey. I'm #teamTimothy all the way on that one.

But whoa! What's this business about North Jersey pronouncing that glass of H2O you drink "wall-ter." No! No we don't! I've NEVER heard anyone pronounce water as wall-ter.

Forget my petty grievance. Timothy offers a new map of New Jersey that not only has a North Jersey, Central Jersey and South Jersey, it has 9 other regions as well. With a list of characteristics and explanations for each. Hmmm, if this doesn't settle the Central Jersey debate, at least it makes you forget about it for awhile. Could there really be a Central Jersey Shore south of South Jersey and barely connected to Central Jersey? Could Mercer County not only be it's own region but can it really be considered the most "normal" when it's infested with imbecilic politicians? But I digress. Check out the video and decide for yourself if Timothy has nailed it.

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