This week's snow has many people (including me) talking about what would happen if a snowstorm like that were to hit the state during New Jersey's Super Bowl on February 2nd. I, for one, think that would be awesome for a couple of reasons.

First, football is a cold weather sport; its biggest games are played during January and February. With just a handful of exceptions, most NFL players have played outside in the cold at some point in their careers, so we know they can handle it. I'm too young to remember it, but one of the NFL's greatest games, the Ice Bowl, was played in frigid conditions; the memorable images from that game all feature visible breath.

The other reason I would like to see inclement weather for the Super Bowl is that it would screw with the sports writers who are here covering the game. When Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL, the nation's sports scribes howled about the cold, having gotten used to traveling to New Orleans or Miami for the big game. Most fans would love to be able to the game and the people who are getting paid to cover the game have the temerity to whine that its cold outside. Bring on the snow!