Donald Trump continues to provide ratings and money for his detractors, the latest being his alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels which she has recently denied after telling InTouch magazine a different story in 2011. Daniels herself is capitalizing on the moment dancing in strip clubs with a "Make America Horny" tour. And why do we care about this?

This affair, if it did happen, took place in 2006 long before Trump even considered running for president. It did not take place in the oval office as at least one did during the Clinton administration. Yet President Clinton is revered among the democrats and spoke at their convention. I'll bet when he opened with "I met a girl," Hillary was thinking "Not again!"

But Clinton is not the only president to have an affair. There are seven others that had them while in office. Thomas Jefferson fathered five children with his mistress Sally Hennings who was his slave. Warren Harding was only president for three years but managed to have affairs with two different women. Harding would have been president longer had he not been poisoned, some believe by his wife. FDR was caught by Eleanor having an affair with Lucy Mercer and threatened to divorce him if he didn't end it. Mercer was at his side on his deathbed. President Eisenhower had an affair with former British model Kay Summersby. It would be a whole separate post to discuss JFK's affairs. Lyndon Johnson had a 21 year affair with Madeline Brown fathering a son, Steven. These are the Presidents who were doing it while in office! Clinton literally the Oval office!

Why on earth should anyone care if Donald Trump had an affair ten years before he took office? Are we now going that far back into the vetting? Thanks to social media and a press that hates him we can. But if that's the case and we're setting the bar to where each person who deems to run the country must be totally pure and clean of heart and mind, we're really shrinking the talent pool.

How about this? As long as the president does his job of running the country regardless of how you feel about the job he's doing, what he does on his own time is none of our business.

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