Underage drinking has become a problem over the years. This Summer, police are taking extra measures to crack down on underage drinking at the Jersey Shore.


Cops will be going undercover in and around liquor stores at the Jersey Shore this year. They hope to catch people using fake IDs to buy alcohol, and parents purchasing liquor for minors.

How and when exactly did underage drinking become a problem? Many argue that the problem stems from allure of alcohol. The fact that kids know they can't drink until they are 21 makes them want to drink even more. A lot of parents feel that if you introduce alcohol to kids at a younger age, in small amounts at appropriate times, it removes the appeal of alcohol and lessens the chance of underage drinking.

Others feel that giving alcohol to minors under any circumstance is unacceptable.

Do you allow your kids to drink in small amounts if they are under 21?

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