It’s true. It's called Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary and it's located in Upper Freehold Township. The non-profit’s website points out their mission is for older dogs (7 years and older) to “receive the physical and emotional comfort, companionship and enrichment they need to thrive in their golden years. At Marty’s Place, they find a home for life.” Check out the site here.

Marty’s Place was founded due to the difficulty of getting older dogs adopted from shelters. Many have nowhere to go. Apparently the dogs have a pretty sweet setup. According to a story by ABC 7 New York, each dog is given ample living space, human and canine companionship, consistent medical and dental care, as well as access to physically and mentally stimulating activities suited to their age and abilities.

Some of the amenities the sanctuary offers include a swimming pool (which is supposed to be particularly beneficial to older dogs), regular grooming, socializing with volunteers, leashed walks, treatment centers, and more. Dogs don’t have to stay there forever, however. Marty’s Place has an adoption program to find suitable homes for older dogs. If you’re interested in adopting a senior dog, go here. While the sanctuary does have a small group of full time employees, the “overall success and the success of our day-to-day activities will depend on the strength and assistance of volunteers. The importance of volunteers to the sanctuary and especially to the well-being of the dogs who live there cannot be overstated.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, here is the application.

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