You'd better hope you don't have any powerful or high profile friends who have freaky sexual habits. Take for instance, New Jersey's own Jon Stewart.

I've never been a big fan of Jon and I think his show did a lot of damage to young minds when it comes to distorting the truth in political discourse. However, in light of recent allegations of sexual misconduct, including that of Louie C.K., all kinds of people are getting their names dragged into the whole mess, namely Jon Stewart. A headline claims Jon "laughed off Louie C.K. allegations last year."

When you watch the interview, it appears to me that Stewart wasn't aware of what the questioner was talking about and tried to move on. It's hard to know if he was or wasn't aware of C.K.'s antics, and Jon was a busy guy who probably heard a lot of bulls--t about other performers all the time. By the way, Jon looks good. Must've had some work done.

If Louie was guilty of some type of sexual misconduct and everyone knew about it, then there's culpability there. But if he allegedly just liked to "whip it out" to fellow comedians in a private room, then that's just weird. I've done stand-up for 30 years and have been in the company of some strange comedians off stage. If any of them were to "whip it out" in front of me, they'd being doing their next set in a much higher octave.

These female comics had the same option, I'm sure. No one would defend some of the allegations of forced or coerced sexual conduct. That's completely intolerable. And I'm not defending C.K.'s crude, bizarre alleged behavior, but when is this purge of every "freaky" dude in show business going to end? I have a feeling we're in for a long litany of freak shows in the coming months...maybe years!

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