Haven't we seen this all before? Whether it be little Megan Kanka in 1994, taken from her family and this Earth by paroled sex offender Jesse Timmendequas, or Autumn Pasquale murdered for a bicycle by Justin Robinson in 2012, the stories go on. Little kids slaughtered by monsters. This time the name is Abbie Smith.

The 11-year-old Keansburg girl was reported missing Wednesday night, found dead Thursday morning, and now 18-year-old Andreas Erazo, a neighbor, is charged with her death. We will hear the same things we always do. He had a rough life. Or he was a victim of something himself. Or they can't prove it was him. Or he's too young to face a grown man's prison sentence. Not much has been released on this case yet, so I'll respect the process and not say too much. Let's let this play out, but be prepared for lots of disturbing excuses from defense lawyers who somehow sleep at night.

All I know is it was a huge mistake to repeal New Jersey's death penalty in 2007. Corzine should have fought for swifter executions with limited appeals, not taking it off the table entirely. In polls, most in this blue state supported getting rid of the death penalty. But when asked specifically about use in specific situations, such as the murder of children, most would have kept it.

You will never convince me that if convicted of murder, an 18-year-old killer deserves to live out his life at the annual cost to taxpayers of $47,000. Should he live to 68 years old, that's $2,350,000. You will never convince me that a guy who could kill an 11-year-old girl is worth over $2 million. Forget this fairy tale of letting them think about what they've done. Forget the farce of rehabilitation. We should demand the death penalty be brought back, and actually used this time, for certain crimes. The murder of innocent children would have to top that list.

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