A woman named Shannon Moore took to Facebook to tell the touching story of what happened to her at a New Jersey restaurant. When she was out for hibachi with her family a server came over and presented them a note. Their meal had been entirely paid for. Her husband got up to try to find the people who covered their tab to at least thank them, but they were gone. They wanted no thanks and did it anonymously.

Random acts of kindness are wonderful enough. This one is more so. The note left for the family explained that they did this every year in honor of a loved one no longer with them named Scott. After the name was #3514. It certainly sounds like a badge number.

Sure enough, in the comment section someone included a link to the story behind Ocean County Detective John Scott Stevens who died on duty on January 21, 2015. He was working an undercover assignment when he was involved in a car accident that took his life. He served Ocean County for 15 years. Badge number? #3514. I've known a lot of people who go by their middle name. This is probably the man honored in these annual acts of kindness.

Shannon and her family are very grateful, and I think we're all grateful to her for sharing this story. It should humble even the most cynical. For through these random acts of kindness, an officer continues to give.

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