The following is a guest column by comedian Jay Black, co-host of the "Speaking Millennial" podcast.

This is the first of a series of columns meant to introduce you to our happy little podcast, "Speaking Millennial," written by me, Jay “Not Bill Spadea” Black.

As it turns out, Bill is too busy “being successful” and “attractive” to write these pieces. Luckily, I’m never busy with those things, so I have plenty of time!

If you don’t know, Speaking Millennial it’s our attempt to make sense of the Millennial generation (or as I like to call them: “Boomers, but with more annoying opinions about vinyl.”) But really, like anything involving Bill and me, it’s a chance for us to start with a topic and then snake our way through about seventy five other, unrelated topics, until we wind up spending several minutes chatting about Hentai.

Our resident millennial, Jessica Nutt, finds this completely exasperating. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a competing blog somewhere entitled “I Would Love to Punch Bill Spadea And Jay Black Right In The Face, But Mostly Just Jay Black.”

I’m joking, but not because she doesn’t want to punch us in the face; it’s just that Millennials don’t really blog anymore. (Do they vlog? Is vlogging a thing?)

Today’s episode is one I’m very happy with. We interview the great comedian and famous YouTuber Steve Hofstetter. He’s on a world tour right now — and not a made up world tour like most people (i.e. Me) claiming to be on a “world tour” — he’s actually traveling through the whole world, putting on comedy for his hundreds of thousands of fans.

But because he is not only a great comedian, he’s also a good friend, he very gracefully took 45 minutes out of his busy schedule to talk with us on Speaking Millennial.

For those of you who hate me (which I’m just going to assume includes “anyone who is reading this,” plus “people in my family”), Steve is the one to blame. When I was going through my dark, pre-Wellbutrin days, it was several long phone calls to Mr. Hofstetter that helped keep me going. Like most great comedians, Steve only kills on the stage.

I owe him a lot and I’m grateful he’s one of my friends.

All right, enough with the saccharine sentiment. I already know Steve is going to read this and mock me for it the next time I see him.

And hey, guess what, if you listen to the episode, you can feel free to mock me as well! It’s a win-win for everyone. Except me, but I’m okay with that.

Either way, please make sure that you rate and review us on iTunes and, if you are a fan of the show, please tell 14 or 15 of your own friends!

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