Dave Portnoy took a recent trip to New Jersey and didn’t leave us without a proper farewell. Following his visit, he released FIVE new reviews of New Jersey pizza places.

The first two to drop were in my neck of the woods in Morristown, NJ.

Morristown is well known for having a great bar scene and nightlife. If you’re from the area, you can expect a night at a Morristown bar to be like a high school reunion.

Portnoy says he was in town for his shoulder, which is broken. I’m going to safely assume he injured that shoulder by picking up and putting down slices of pizza. But regardless, he woke up ready for some Jersey pizza, which we all know is incredible.

Suvio's Pizzeria — Morristown

His first review was of Suvio’s Pizzeria, which is located at 83 Washington St., Morristown, NJ.

He was impressed with the crispness of the pizza, even though he said a lady working told the man making the pizza to put it back in the oven. He categorizes it as a good football pizza and gives it a final score of 7.6.

Oh, and when I mentioned Morristown is like a reunion every time you go, well at the end of this video a shirtless lacrosse bro shows up to chat with Portnoy— yup that’s my friend Scotty who I used to work at Oak Crest Day Camp with- told you it’s a reunion.

Pomodoro Ristorante & Pizzeria — Morristown

Next stop on Dave’s trip around Morristown was at Pomodoro Ristorante & Pizzeria located at 125 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ.

Portnoy quickly got excited about this pizza because of how thin the crust was. He categorizes it as a bar-style pizza but bigger. He comments on the pizza’s non-floppy quality saying, “They don’t even know how to spell flop in Morristown”. Portnoy gave Pomodoro a 7.5 as the final score.

Also, my friend Scotty is in this video too as he passes by on a run. Portnoy is right, Morristown isn’t a big town.

Nicky's Firehouse — Madison

Portnoy then took his crew over to Madison and visited Nicky’s Firehouse located at 15 Central Ave, Madison, NJ.

Dave starts the video by giving the owners some flack, which they also got in the comments, for “pulling back the pizza”. When this happens we can assume that they wanted to give a better pizza to Portnoy than they would their average customer. Many think Dave should deduct points when pizzerias do a “pull me back” for their pizza that he is gonna review.

He describes the pizza as thin and as having sweet sauce. Giving them a 7.6 as a final score.

Casa D'Pizza — Denville

Next on Portnoy’s recent trip to Jersey, he heads to Denville to review Casa D’ Pizza located at 276 E Main Street, Denville, NJ.

Dave was extremely impressed by the way they cooked their pizza. He explains that they start by cooking their pizza in a traditional oven and then they move it into a wood-fired grill to crisp it up.

Dave categorizes the pizza as a thin bar-style pizza. After his first bite he describes it as thin, and a little heavy. He gave it a 7.5 as a final score.

Many who commented on the video were upset by the score, saying by the looks of the pizza it deserved to at least get an 8. On the One Bite App, their pizza scores an 8.5.

Michael Angelo's — Fairfield

The last stop on Portnoy’s recent Jersey trip was in Fairfield, to visit Michael Angelo’s located at 286 US-46, Fairfield, NJ.

Dave seems to love the fact that this pizza place is part of the Red Roof Inn building.

Dave states “very few places have as much to overcome as Michael Angelo’s because it looks like it’s in a Red Roof Inn.”

As Dave notes, it’s a square-style pizza sort of like Sicilian, but thinner. On the first bite, Dave’s reaction was positive, especially for a square pizza. He quickly remarks how light it is, and how much he really enjoys it. Giving them a 7.7 as a final score.

Usually, Dave does not like when owners or managers hang around him when he does his reviews, but this manager Mike was an exception. Many people commented on how likable Mike is, and how lucky Michael Angelo’s is to have him.

There you have it folks, Dave Portnoy’s 5 most recent New Jersey pizza reviews. Check out more of his reviews below.

Every NJ pizza joint Barstool's Dave Portnoy has reviewed

Dave Portnoy, commonly known as El Presidente, is the founder of Barstool Sports. Somewhere along the way, he decided to start reviewing local pizzerias, and the concept took off. Here is every New Jersey pizzeria Dave has stopped in, along with the score he gave them.

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