A dad in Woodbridge was teaching his son how to drive in an empty parking lot when he spotted a police SUV. The dad, not telling his son why he was going over to talk to the cop, got out of his car and approached the officer.

Scott Harrel, the dad and also a former cop, wanted his son to have a real-life experience and learn how to interact with a Police Officer who is pulling him over. The officer, Nirav Patel, at first, looked at Harrell like he was a bit nuts, but then did the favor.

Officer Patel went above and beyond the call of duty to help a young driver and a thoughtful father. He joined me on Friday to talk about the interaction.

I caught up with Scott Harrell on Chasing News last week.

This whole thing got me thinking that cops should be a regular part of the Drivers Ed curriculum. Every kid should be pulled over and taught how to deal with the officer who may be citing them for a violation. This would go a long way to prepare kids for a real life experience that most adults aren’t all that comfortable dealing with!

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