There's no such thing as bad publicity ... unless you're Gene and Maddie Kelly from Essex Fells, New Jersey.

In a video that has now gone viral, you see the couple in the process of getting thrown off a flight before takeoff from West Palm Beach, Florida, back to the tri-state area.

It is not known yet what led to the dispute, but the couple can be heard fending for themselves by claiming they are getting thrown off the flight because they are supporters of former President Donald Trump.

At one point while being confronted by flight staff, the woman rambles about "free speech" before calling other passengers on the flight "sheep." Both she and her husband are also caught on tape calling people around them "f*ggots."

See a clip of the rant below:

You can see an extended NSFW version of the exchange here.

According to the International Business Times, authorities have not disclosed whether or not this couple will face charges for the incident.

Neither Gene or Maddie Kelly have responded to the video.

Raise a toast for our patient and collective flight attendants around the country, as instances like this are sadly nothing new. In 2021 alone, there were over 920 investigated reports of fights on flights.

Many of the issues have been attributed to people being polarized by TSA travel requirements and Federal mask mandates, which, while well-meaning, have helped create a tense, hostile environment for passengers who oppose the measures, and flight staff alike.

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