In probably the fastest week of Matt Lauer's life, he has gone from America's darling guy with a $25 million per year job to an out of work apologist. In an almost now cliched statement that you could easily interchange with ones from Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, and others, Lauer said, “I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly. Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and I’m committed to beginning that effort. It is now my full-time job. The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws. It’s been humbling.”

Seems to me it's more of the same mask he wore for 20 years for the public. He always came across as the handsome enough aw-shucks nice guy that women could trust. A perfect image for the host of a morning news and entertainment program. As the story unfolds this week it's come out that many behind the scenes say it was a completely different Matt Lauer off air.

If you find that hard to believe, you might want to check out this video from TMZ. It's from 2006 when a camera was still recording (but not broadcasting) during a commercial break on the Today show set. As they're getting ready to come back from break, first you hear Lauer talking to someone presumably in his earpiece. Then he notices Meredith Vieira bending over. First he talks about her sweater. Then he says, "Keep bending over like that. It's a nice view."

More than what he says, pay attention to the look on his face as he says it. This is a look the public never saw. The words themselves read off a sterile piece of paper might be taken innocuously. One could think they might have been said in jest between long time friends. But seeing the video you realize that's not the case. The look in his eyes is that of a smug predator. This video offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the real face of Matt Lauer and of what it must have been like to work with him.

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