Last month in Washington Township, a group of girls left a Wawa and got into their car. As they drove away, they soon noticed something was wrong. Police say that a 58-year-old man in a green F-150 pickup truck began following them..

Authorities say this went on for over four miles, despite the girl driving trying to elude the man. Finally, she had the presence of mind to pull into the parking lot at the police station and that’s when he stopped following, according to police.

An arrest was made Wednesday. Police charged Gary Galinkin with stalking, and two endangerment counts. The creepy thing? He was sentenced last year to probation for fourth-degree stalking, reports. In that case it was a mother and her 14-year-old daughter. The creepier thing? He’s gone by the alias of Charles Manson.

If the idea behind using an alias is to not draw attention to yourself and hide in plain sight then I can’t think of a worse alias than Charles Manson. If the idea is to make yourself look menacing and guilty of something, well played sir.

“Chuck” is being held in a Salem County jail and authorities are wondering if he’s stalked anyone else. If this sounds like your creeper, they say to contact Detective Ryan Kelly at

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