A local magazine was set to host a panel discussion on "Women in Business: A man's perspective."

The panel was to include men from different professional backgrounds including the New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader, Lou Greenwald. Because the internet is full of trolls looking to express #FakeOutrage on everything that doesn't fit into a politically correct model, the haters, Including actress Alyssa Milano, pounced.

Unfortunately in an act of political cowardice, with the first hint of controversy, Greenwald dropped out. But to make it worse, the publisher, instead of replacing the "politician with no backbone," canceled the event altogether.

Shame on both of them.

How is it possible that a few haters on the web could lead to the end of reasonable conversation? Why is the default position of so many feminists to attack any male input on a women's issue as "mansplaining"? That term is designed to shut down any conversation from men regarding women. It's disrespectful, disingenuous and destructive. The very fact that the forum was labeled a "man's point of view" is precisely why it was a panel of men!

Shame on the internet and social media trolls that attacked the magazine. Shame on the cowardly politician and publisher who backed down. And shame on the nearly irrelevant Alyssa Milano who's only current claim to fame is she's really good on creating controversy online.

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