Let's face it. Jersey is weird. A guy in a pork pie hat and plaid jacket playing with a puppet named Oogie made a name for himself on a UHF tv channel. An old theme park bought extra ambulances for the township to keep up with how many injuries their rides caused and yet people still kept coming. A fake elephant named Lucy and real diving horses became famous here. And we even are home to a publication that calls itself Weird NJ.

So when Bill and I saw co-worker Kylie Moore do a bizarre trick with her eyes we had to ask ourselves...was this normal? Or is this strange peeper trick as unholy as the Jersey Devil flying up the Leeds' chimney? She did this crazy thing where she started with eyes crossed, and while keeping the one eye where it was she could move the other eye straight across and back again. And vice versa. I know explaining it in words doesn't give a clear picture, so we talked her into repeating the trick on camera. Here's the video.

Would Weird NJ be interested in this? Okay it's not an abandoned building with a creepy reputation and it's not the ghost of a young boy throwing pennies back onto a bridge, but it was freaky enough to us. So of course I had to try it myself. The results were rather embarrassing.

Next we had Bill Doyle attempt it. I think it's safe to say if Dave Letterman were still on air Kylie is the only one of us three that could be invited on for a Stupid Human Trick.

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