About a third of the people who move from one home to another in the same state will hire a company to help them out.

But even a move within the same state can cost a family thousands of dollars, depending on where you live.

Angi (formerly Angie's list), a home services website, set out to find the average cost of local moves in each state.

The averages vary significantly, according to the 2023 report — there's a gap of thousands of dollars between the least expensive and most expensive states when it comes to hiring a mover.


The tab will obviously depend on the distance of one's "local" move, but Angi finds that New Jerseyans will generally pay $2,005 to hire a mover for the job. The same number was recorded for New York. Pennsylvanians would need to put out about $1,400, according to the report.

The average is as low as $359 in Alaska. The highest average recorded is Oregon's $4,755. Most states are in the $1,060 to $3,000 range.

According to Angi, movers were hired by 33% of the people they surveyed who had moved locally.

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