The storms last week left many communities severely damaged from flash flooding. Thankfully, local police were at the ready to protect the most important community asset, our people.

In one case that you've probably heard about already, cops in Bogota, NJ saved a Bride and Groom on their wedding day from rising flood waters. Sgt. Geoffrey Cole and Officer Mike LaFerrera got the call in the evening on Tuesday and responded to stranded motorists.

Upon arrival, they discovered a wedding party including the bride and groom in a car unable to move their vehicle as the waters rose. Acting quickly, the heroes in blue were able to help get the occupants out of the car and brought them to safety. And yes, even managed to keep the brides dress (and shoes) dry!

Despite all the hype a few years ago from a small group of opposition voices angered by local police departments securing military vehicles, at least one married couple is happy that the Bogota cops had a Humvee truck at their disposal. I asked the Sgt. about the truck and he did say it was just like any other vehicle you could buy at a local dealer. His response clarified that this truck was not a part of the homeland security's 'clearance giveaway' from a few years ago, but really highlighted the silliness of the argument of making sure our cops have the very best, toughest and most versatile equipment available.

It was great chatting to the two heroes on the radio this morning and on Wednesday's Chasing News.

I appreciate all that our local police officers do everyday to protect and serve our communities.

Remember, there isn't an opinionated activist on the other end of that 911 call. It's a cop, and they will be ready, willing and able to sacrifice their own safety for yours. I'ill be sure to recognize the positive stories and heroics of New Jersey Law Enforcement as long as I'm fortunate enough to have a microphone.

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