Thousands of people visit the 9/11 Memorial everyday and there is a NJ lawmaker that wants to ensure everyone who goes there to visit or pay their respects is safe.

NJ Congressman Tom MacArthur has introduced a bill that would provide protection for the 9/11 Memorial. Since MacArthur has introduced the bill, it has gained 80 co-sponsors. The bill gives the Department of Interior the authorization to protect the site and have funds appropriated to it over the coming months. the money

According to MacArthur, $20 million is spent to protect the memorial through privately raised funds.

"This was a federal tragedy, a national tragedy and I don't think we should rely on volunteers to protect the people that go in and out of it. Somebody could wander in there with a bomb strapped to their back Bill and blow up hundreds of people. "

Listen to the entire interview in the clip below.