Andrew Pollack lost his daughter Meadow in the Parkland, Florida High School mass murder.

The fact that the evil killer shot Meadow nine times is clearly burned into Andrew Pollack's mind. The fact that law enforcement didn't act fast enough on tips and clear signs the disturbed future killer was a threat. Failures from the social workers, law enforcement and the politicians all weighed in on his daughter's death and the death of sixteen other innocents that day in February.

For his part, Andrew Pollack is campaigning around the country and in New Jersey to help political leaders who stand up for a better system of identifying and involving law enforcement earlier in the process to prevent a potential threat before a person becomes deadly. Click HERE to read what they are working on specifically.

He joined me this morning to talk about his daughter and what he's doing to make sure other parents never have to bury their kids from gun violence. Watch and hear the conversation above.

It's time to stop coddling would-be criminals and start reporting crimes to law enforcement. Often times, killers leave a long trail of actions and words that clearly identify they are a threat to school and public safety. The case in Parkland, Florida clearly exemplifies the need to have Congress act immediately. Thankfully there are men like Andrew Pollack willing to stand up with courage and determination withstanding the criticism and vitriol that comes from the political Left.

For decades, the Left, including Democrats in Trenton who pretend to be moderates, have had the knee-jerk reaction to school shootings, attack law abiding gun owners and question the Second Amendment. How about we focus on the real failings in our government and society, which have left our kids vulnerable to the next maniac with hate in his heart and a weapon in his hand?

Thank you Andrew Pollack for being a leader for real change. It's an inspiration to watch this father muster the strength to turn the horror of his daughter's brutal murder into a mission to help others.

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