That's right, five months after passing historic tax reform and creating opportunity for middle and working class families to keep more of their hard-earned money, we're now seeing an explosion of jobs and a rise in real estate value.

Remember when the detractors beat up on NJ Congressman Tom MacArthur for supporting the Trump tax cuts? Remember when the nay-sayers told us real estate values would drop? Well they were wrong. Really wrong. Housing prices are up in New Jersey, despite our out-of-control property taxes, thanks to an incompetent and morally bankrupt legislature and "Mr. Tax Hike" himself, Governor Phil Murphy. Tax cuts are good things. Thanks to Congressman Tom MacArthur the Trump tax cuts are good even in a high tax state like ours. He joined me on air on Thursday to discuss the great news that we're seeing with record unemployment, job creation, wage increases and home values. But it's only a start.

When will Trenton get the message that it's time to stimulate the local economy with some growth oriented tax cuts of our own?

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