Congressman Tom MacArthur, the real driver behind the recent tax cut legislation that is benefiting more than 8 in 10 Americans (even according to liberal groups) joined me on the air Tuesday morning. Instead of talking taxes, we discussed the real threats that have happened in and out of Washington and the rising level of danger to elected officials. Congressman Steve Scalise is still using a wheel chair to get around the Capitol after being shot at a Congressional softball practice and a man was arrested in NJ after alleged death threats against the Congressman. According to the Congressman recently, Capitol Police deemed a credible threat potentially targeting Congressman MacArthur's wife and made an arrest.

The latest issue is a story about left-leaning groups opposed MacArthur's positions on certain issues, threatening to "infiltrate" his office with 'fake interns.' He explained, in our conversation, how dangerous these types of threats can be to the process of constituent services and the safety of staff members.

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