I’ve had to sign a serious waiver a few times in my life. One was when I went skydiving. You’ve never seen the words “up to and including death” in bold print repeated so many times throughout a legal document. Funny though, the fatality rate for a tandem-jump is 1 in 500,000, yet the failure rate for first time marriages is 1 in 2 yet no waiver required.

Some say a waiver is only worth the paper it’s written on. Nonetheless imagine a restaurant where the food is so volcanic spicy you’re actually required to sign a waiver if you dare try to eat it.

There is such a place. And it’s coming to New Jersey.

Hangry Joe’s Chicken (GREAT name!) debuted in Fairfax, Va. in May and they are already expanding. In Florham Park, NJ where the old Smashburger used to be on Columbia Turnpike, will be a Hangry Joe’s early in the new year.

They sell what’s called a Nashville style fried chicken. That means hot as XXXX. 🔥. Their menu will have chicken, chicken sandwiches, Korean chicken nuggets, chicken fingers and so much more.

Fresh ingredients, delicious food, but the star of the show is one certain spice level. Let me run this down for you.

You can get the standard mild, medium or hot. For those there is no legal paperwork.

Then there’s what the franchise calls “Angry Hot.” Hide your wife, hide your kids, there’s gonna be a volcano in your mouth. If you want to try this level of spice they literally make you sign a waiver for safety sake.

I have admitted more than once on the show that when it comes to hot spice I buckle. Can’t handle it. If I were one of the Spice Girls my name would be Wussy Spice. My genetic make up makes me crumble to spices that others can barely even register as hot. I would far prefer to jump out of a perfectly good airplane than to try this “Angry Hot” spice level.

But that’s just me. If this sounds like a good time for you you can read more about it here. Look for the Florham Park location to open in January or February.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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