I’m still exhausted from it, and you’ll see it soon for yourself. This past weekend I tagged along with Boni Bates of Garden State Ghost Hunters and her crew which included Justin Louis of Ocean County Paranormal. (Justin’s day job is a host on our sister station WOBM.) They were called to look at a building on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park that dates back to the 1800’s. It was recently purchased largely in part due to its notorious reputation by a woman named Kathleen who has a strong interest in the unexplained. She’s setting up a paranormal book store on the main floor and has also been collecting a ton of items and artifacts that are said to be haunted, attached, or outright cursed and will feature these in a museum upstairs.

The building is said to be home to a number of spirits. One of which is a little girl who was murdered in the early 1900’s. Another is what Boni calls a shadow person, a dark and malevolent entity that crouches in an upstairs closet and when it wants to be seen morphs into whatever you fear the most. This is the one Boni was extremely concerned about.

You see, when my few hours with the investigators was through, my plan was to stay the rest of the night completely alone in this place. I learned this breaks a most basic rule of paranormal investigation: You never, ever, go into one of these places alone. She begged me not to do it. She warned me these things are real, and this shadow person in the closet would like nothing more than to attach itself to me. She said she’s seen it happen, and it has ruined people’s lives.

I went through with it anyway.

The videos of what happened will soon be up here on NJ1015.com. Check back in or we’ll certainly announce on air when the videos go up. In the meantime, back to some of those items Kathleen has collected. Check out the photos of just a few of them. Sitting amongst these things all night was like hanging out alone on the set of a Rob Zombie movie.

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