Feeling adventurous or looking for a unique experience? This event is for you. Last year Woodland Trails hosted its first ever series of bike races, crafted for terrain lovers. The Woodland Trails, which are located in Sussex are usually private property, however, WTF! couldn’t resist crafting a race with a property like this. Woodland Trails are known for their variety in environment, as the trail differs in elevation and includes water, perfect for these brave bikers.

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The event itself has a few different categories. There’s 2, 3, and 5 lap races, each differing in Cat levels, as well as endurance races which are based on time, rather than distance. Both races consist of steep climbs as well as power surges, which will give participants a true test of their strength and ability.

When it comes to race limitations, there aren’t many. The minimum age to enter the race is 10 years old, and to enter there is just a small fee. Each race category has a cash prize as well, making the competition even fiercer than it already sounds. I'm not the craziest biker, but if I were, this is an event I wouldn't be able to turn down. It is not often that tech meets terrain biking, and this is the perfect opportunity for bikers to showcase their abilities.

This event will take place on April 25th, and there are plenty of spots available for those who would like to participate. The event will be captured in both video and photographs as well, so if you are looking to capture your talent now’s the time! Now hurry up and grab a ticket! This isn’t a race you’ll want to miss!

Tickets can be purchased here.

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